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Cream and Oil Combo Pack

Febrifuga Cream-200gms + Thanaka Oil - 200ml combination for Natural Permanent Removal of Unwanted Hair at Home,this combination is very powerful and helps in removing hairs in just 2 to 3 weeks of time.

The arrival of summer, is the best season, Many people exhibit good posture is also annoying body hair the best time to get rid of the body. The Many people favor there are two kinds of popular hair removal methods, is an instrument, the blade hair removal, another for external use depilate cream (liquid) (perfect). Equipment hair removal benefits is that it is convenient, but the growth of the hair after hair removal speed faster, at the same time also can become thick, hardened. Instrument after hair removal, will cause some damage to skin, easy to cause the skin dry lack water! Perfect hair removal cream is slightly inferior in the convenient degree, but the growth of the hair after hair removal speed is very slow, and light color and later on removes permanently, hair becomes scarce. Security, no pain. Is no effect on the skin, its unique composition can keep skin smooth and moist after depilation. Hair removal cream (perfect), she is to use the principle of the prevention of allergic depilatory composition dissolve the hair structure, gently wipe again, in order to reach the purpose of hair removal, damage to hair follicles do not have any, fragrance is good too.BabLanjina permanent hair removal Combo(Cream+Oil) is also one more option along with febrifuga .