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Dr Wong Skin Whitening Tonic and Pills

We are Mainly Dealing with Dr. Wong Skin Whitening Tonic and Other Skin Whitening Pills of various weights, Dr.Wong Skin Whitening tonic is basically concentrated L-Glutathione content based skin whitening liquid which is more powerfull and high results oriented.

Dr.Wong Skin Whitening Tonic Glutathione consist of 95% Glutathione,remaining 5% contents contains Grape See Extract,Vitamin E,Vitamin B12,Carotene which is considered as a Master Anti Oxidant, Skin Whitening Tonic is one of the best skin whitening products for whitening the skin tone. Glutathione is popular anti oxidant that helps in reducing the melanin pigment by achieving the skin color they require, continues usage will make the complete body fairer and long lasting.

Uses of Glutathione Skin Whitening Drinking Tonic:

Makes complete face and body fairer for longer term, so no more skin whitening creams now

Directions to Use : Daily consume the Dr.Wong Skin Whitening Tonic liquid of 2 spoons two time in a day,you should consume before breakfast and dinner for about 2-times daily or follow the instructions manual.