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FebriFuga Powder and Niu Xi Oil

"FebriFuga Powder" An Ancient “KING HAN” Dynast’s Secret Herbal/Ayurvedic/Organic Treatment for “Permanent Hair Removal” for FACE and WHOLE BODY without any side Effectes and with 100% Guaranteed Results, it is around 400 year old treatment,Permanent Hair Removal Solution for Chin,UpperLip,UnderArm,Leg,Hands.Hair Removal Which is quick, Clean and Easy without Shaving Plucking or Waxing, If you are planning on undergoing non laser hair removal with pure ayurvedic way, then you should limit waxing, and threading just go for six weeks treatment with “FebriFuga Powder and Niu Xi Root Oil”FebriFuga Herb plant found in China, it is a Ancient Herb Medicinal Plant. It has got ayurvedic hair root weakening and destructing protein ingredients in the bark of the tree. NiuXi Oil is Extracted out of Roots of Dragon NiuXi Herbal Root using by Cold Compress and Fermentation process.

FebriFuga Powder And NiuXi Oil is basically mixture that makes the hair root weaker day by day (because it will have concentrated thanaka proteins ) by cutting down the nutrient supply to hair root, when nutrient supply to hair root is cut down then hair roots automatically which is similar to male baldness pattern. This method makes Hair Free skin to remove the follicles forever (hair removal) which look like shaven haircut and never makes short hair and highly beneficial to head-shaving. The hair growth which will get inhibit, hence hair growth will make hair cells permanently destroys, hair growth/hair follicle completely get destroyed. All hair type permanently gets removed and hence this in pain free manner, hair free method globally,this therapy is better/faster results than Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil.