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Sleek Bear Belly or Tummy Fat Reduction Combo

Sleek Bear Belly/Tummy Fat Reduction Combo Pack is an combination of herbal oral capsules and cellulite cream,This combination will help in reducing Belly or Tummy Fat Reduce in just 21 days of time without any side effects.

Features : Hard Fat Reduction Herbal Capsules and Cellulite Cream (1 Month course)
Validity : 3 years since from seal open
Results : 100% and reduce stomach size from 4 to 8 inches overall in 3 weeks.
Side Effects : Zero%

Note : This product combo is licensed verison limited only to SioBay.

Directions to Use : Apply the Cellulite cream on the fat deposited areas of Belly or Tummy during night before going to bed and then wash it of in the morning during bath or it could be applied in the day time also and kept for 3 hours minimum and then wash it off with soap and water, take 1-capsule/pill in the morning 15mins before break fast and 1-capsule/pill in the night 15mins before dinner.

During the use of this combo pack it is better to avoid consuming fatty foods or high carbohydrates based food,also avoid having dinner later night or consuming fatty or oil food or non-vegeterain food in the late nights.In the manual you could follow an small excercise mentioned in the manual for 5 minutes everyday.Everybody questions that is there any real way to lose belly fat. We can say yes by belly or tummy fat reduction combo pack which is safe way to get rid of belly fat.