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Spear Mint Tea

Spearmint Tea is very useful for Permanent Hair Removal caused due to Hormonal Imbalance, PCOS, PCOD and Hirsutism. Spearmint Tea brings down the increased levels of androgen hormones in girls and women and brings under control without any side effects.Spearmint is the permanent solution to get rid of unwanted body and facial hair. No pain and no need to spend much money. Its just a Spearmint Tea which going to show you the miracles. The main reason behind female unwanted body and facial hair and acne is due to hormone imbalance. Though some specified amount of male hormones androgen is present in females, if the same is present in excess it leads to hormonal imbalance and thus will result in these unwanted hairs and acne related problems.

Uses of Spearmint Tea:Removes unwanted hair permanently from neck, back, chest, shoulder, bikini area, arms, legs, underarms, armpit and private areas caused by Androgen Hormone increase or Hirsutism.

Directions and Applications:Daily drink one cup of Spearmint Tea for 2 months regularly to bring down the hormonal levels. Put one spoon of Spearmint Tea and boil with one cup of water and then 5 minutes boiling, filter the tea water and drink by adding little honey and lemon if you want or drink without honey and lemon.