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Thanaka BioDevice

Ayurvedic (natural) method to remove these excessive (unwanted) hair growth on FACIAL AREA like Upper Lip Chin and Full Body Permanently Thanaka Smoke therapy had been one of the 350 years old therapy adopted by tribes of thailand for the fast relief from unwanted hair caused due to PCOS PCOD Hormonal Imbalance,We are in the ERA of 21st Century, so most of the technology is bioengineered,the same technology has been adopted by Ayurvedic Bio-Device manufacturers which provides a New Modern Easy to Use Bio-Device for Thanaka Smoke along with Bio Light generation, which is considered to be worlds fastest Permanent Hair Removal and which is scientifically proven and BFAD Bio-Engineering Department Certified. Ingredients required for removal of unwanted hair permanently:

Thanaka Smoke Bio Device:
It is basically bio-engineered machine which generates Thanaka Smoke from the Liquid Thanaka Proteins(liquid generated extracted from thanaka tree stream), Whenever DC powder is passed through this by vibrator at a secret Frequency range an Thanaka Smoke will be generated along with bio light, when this smoke and light comes in contact with hair root follicles then hair roots will become instantly weak and hair starts falling of from Day 7 and gets cleared in 14 Days Permanently then never regrow back, this is worlds fastest Permanent Hair Remover.

Procedure to remove unwanted hair or usage of device:
No Need to Remove hair by shaving or any other hair removal method,because the thanaka fume smoke induces into skin deeply and work as instant waxing. Switch on the machine device and make smoke run through the area where you got the unwanted hair for 15 mins thats it more than sufficient, This Smoke Therapy along with light should once in a day for 15 mins (preferably do this at night before sleeping) or two time in case hair is more thicker. Repeat this process for 14 days for women and 21 days (in normal cases)for men without break and hair will never grow back in unwanted areas.