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Thanaka Grade GROZ Powder and Kusumba Oil

In Thanaka Grade GROZ Powder and Kusumba Oil product both comes GROZ variant only,this powder is made of pure thanaka powder and along with additional secret herbs, a new variant is coming in next year limited only to siobay.

Uses : For Men,Women,Kids from age of 7 years to 60 years
Brands : This product comes in around 18 brands from malaysia,thailand,burma
Storage : Store in normal room temperture
Life : With in 3 years since opening of seal
License : Limited to siobay

Note: Grade GROZ thanaka powder and kusumba oil is licensed version limited only to siobay and it will come with hologram and secret verification code for authenticity.

Direction to Use : Mix the Powder and Oil as per the instructions manual provided and apply the mixture during night time before going to bed and leave it over-night and then wash it off with soap and water in the morning during bath or in the day time it can be applied and kept for 3 to 5 hours then washed with soap and water and there is no compulsion to shave or wax the hair before application of mixture.