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Thanaka Grade GROZ Powder with Kusumba Oil

"Thanaka Grade-"Groz" Powder" is the most premium quality Powder released in SEP-2016 with added Secret Herbs.

This products starts showing results within 7 days,Very Powerful Powder.

Note: If you buy Grade-A quality then it is of poor quality and it dot not give any results at all.Grade-A is basically for Face Pack. Grade GROZ also Gives Much Better and Faster Results than Grade-EINS.

Unwanted hair growth (facial and body hair) can cause embarrassment, and its a bigger problem for women.This is called Hirsutism or frazonism, which is the excessive hairiness on women in those parts of the body where terminal hair does not normally occur or is minimal for example, a beard or chest hair.thanaka powder and kusuma oil is one of the herbal hair removal as base ingredient,thanaka powder with raw bark extract is also used for skin treatment like whitening of skin acne pimple and melasma,kusuma oil is extracted from safflower seeds where as kusumba oil is a extract from hybrid flower seeds which is more powerfull,thanaka powder and kusumba oil combination works well in treating unwanted hair problem cuased by PCOD PCOS Hirsutism in Women and Men,thanaka powder grade EINS and Kusumba Oil is medium quality coombination,Grade-A thanaka powder and kusumba oil is basic quality combination where as GRADE-GROZ quality of thanaka powder and kusumba oil is most latest variant with added herbs and very very fast result oriented.

Note: Grade GROZ thanaka powder and kusumba oil is licensed version limited only to s-Organics and it will come with hologram and secret verification code for authenticity.

Direction to Use : Mix the Powder and Oil as per the instructions manual provided and apply the mixture during night time before going to bed and leave it over-night and then wash it off with soap and water in the morning during bath or in the day time it can be applied and kept for 3 to 5 hours then washed with soap and water and there is no compulsion to shave or wax the hair before application of mixture.