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XuDuan Spray

"XuDuan Spray" is special natural permanent hair remover fluid for any kind of unwanted thick or thin hairs which contains a variety of plant essence and unique factors that prevent wool and very fast in damaging or making hair follicles weak, is rich in vitamin E, can effective antioxidant, can instantly penetrate into the skin, reduce and prevent hair growth. The role of both fresh and tender, and tight skin, let skin feeling fresh and smooth, full of elasticity.This spray can be used by any skin colored men,women and kids with any hair color and hair thickness type.It is an alternate to electrolysis, waxing tweezing, laser hair removal, and can remove hairs from Facial areas like upper lip,chin,neck,side burns and body area like legs,under arm,back,chest,pubic and bikini lines,Ear hair.This spraycould beat any hair removal cream with its performance.

Item specifics: Item Type:Hair Removal Spray
NET WT:200 ml
Brand Name:XuDuan
Ingredient:Essential oils and vitamin E Gender:Female and Male
Item Type:Epilator / Permanent Hair Remover
Use:Bikini,Body,Underarm Efficacy:moisturizing hydrating antibacterial
anti-inflammatory repair Category:Spot Origin:China Guangzhou/Taiwan

Directions to Use: Spray on the affected unwanted hair area and leave it for 2 to 4 hours then wash it of with soap,follow the process for 2 to 3 weeks,then all thick and high volume hair will vanish forever.